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How To Peel Garlic Pronto
If the only thing standing between you and making this chicken with 40 cloves of garlic recipe is your dread of peeling the stubborn papery husks from dozens of cloves of garlic, hear us out. All you gotta do is grab a metal bowl, take a head of garlic, and, using your fingers, pry the cloves apart. Drop the individual cloves of garlic in the bowl with their papery husks still secure. Place the lid on the bowl or cover it with another metal bowl. Grab it firmly with both hands and shake, shake, shake like your dinner depends on it. It will be loud. Keep shaking. Vigorously. Shake for at least 15 seconds and, if your biceps can stand it, up to 30 seconds. Now take a peek. Your cloves of garlic will have magically lost their papery husks. (A few cloves may be only partially peeled. If this is the case, shake for a little longer.) You’re welcome.

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